Warm Honey Vol. 1: The Last 69

He wanted me in the 69 position with me on top so that he could watch my kitty get wetter with each lick and nibble. I waited until I felt the first slow flicker of his tongue before I reciprocated with an even lazier swirl of my tongue causing him to freeze momentarily. He began to slowly slide his tongue into my silken walls while I moaned and swirled my hips slowly to his rythym. He was such a pro at handling me with his mouth that my first orgasm started before I was even ready for it.

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“Free Advice Wednesday”

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Warm Honey Vol. 1: Crack pt. 1

Here I am curled up in my bed going through withdrawal again. I promised myself that I would stay away from him and not let my resistance down. Peeled away like the rind from a juicy sweet tangerine is how I feel. I say tangerine because that’s how what happens to me when I’m under his spell. Sweet, sticky, and juicy inside just waiting to bust my sticky sweetness all over his tongue finger, and his gorgeous chocolate dick. Um, Um, the dick. I can’t think about that dick without damn near going into a convulsion or trembling like a nervous wreck.

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