Is Food, Sex & Peace of Mind All A Man Needs?

Find out what a man needs in a relationship from Ask Chey B. Add your comments below after reading his post.

Food, Sex & Peace of Mind is what a woman needs to know to keep a man! It sounds simple, and it is, however a more strategic approach needs to be taken in order to make this attempt at keeping him happy successful! A man always knows what he wants from a woman, but he sometimes needs a little help with seeing the value in what he truly needs! When you connect with a man, your advantage over other women will come based on the value you add to his life (outside of the bedroom). Getting to know a man on the inside and out will be your playbook for figuring out how to play offense, win him over, and in the end get him to celebrate you! The quality of your giving will make all the difference in the quality of your relationship.

If you leave it up to…

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