Yoga for Sex

Have you ever been extremely sore or sprain a muscle after a heavy night of Olympic style sex? I have. I even had to get an x-ray the following day to make sure I didn’t do severe damage to my lower back. It sure felt like it. When I walked it looked like I had a stick stuck in my rear end. The pain, the pain. During the act of sex, pain is the least of your worries. However, afterwards you may wish you were in better shape as I did after that fateful night (LOL!). I consider myself somewhat of a stunt-master in the bedroom because I love to perform sexual positions that are unconventional or interesting to try. My inspiration comes from the ancient text The Kama Sutra and images of ancient sexual positions which illustrate sexual positions in ways unimaginable. Of course, being the stunt-master that I am, I have to give them a try. Not practicing my yoga regimen regularly caused me to on bed rest for a few days, and boy did it hurt to even lay down. Prevent this from happening to you by stretching regularly.

Flexibility Factor
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Stretch 1st!
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Yoga Inspired Sexual Positions


yoga inspired sexual positions

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