The lost art of sexual seduction (How-To)

The lost Art of Sexual Seduction

Once upon a time, girls from some cultures were trained and raised in the art of seduction. Nowadays, the act of sex itself is more important than the seduction process. Whether we date or are in relationships, we sometimes forget to keep it sexy and mysterious. Seduction is a huge factor in ensuring that you continue to keep your partner enthralled. Chemistry in correlation to successful seduction makes it easier for some while others are have an inherent ability to seduce whomever without even trying.

Ladies, when your man comes home at the end of a hard day at work, he longs for a place of solace. Although being seductive may not be what you want to portray if you are having serious relationship issues, however you know the saying, “you get more bees with honey”. Here are some things you can do:

  • Ambience: Preparing a comfortable environment and create ambience by tidying up.
  • R&R for the boudoir (Redecorate & Rearrange): If you can a afford it, buy a new comforter set, a few throw pillows, and maybe a new pair of lamps and redecorate your bedroom. If you are strong enough, rearrange some of your bedroom furniture or get some help from friends, or a relative. Some men get bored easily and by creating a different/updated space, you can elicit feelings of newness.
Neutral & Sexy
Photo by Maggie Smith

Exotic Bedroom
Photo by All About Evelyn
  •  Pose up: Wait for him to come him in an alluring yet unassuming position (see photo below). Take a nice hot shower or bath that includes exfoliating your entire body from neck to toe with a body scrub or exfoliating body wash . You can also create your own. One of my favorites is browns sugar mixed with either baby oil or olive oil. Follow up with a good moisturizer. I like to mix mine with baby oil gel and add a little extra to my oil to add extra shine to my skin. Men love when a woman looks wet because they are visual creatures and a good body scrub, moisturizer, and oil helps you to achieve that. Prepare to mess your sheets a bit though, but the intention is to get them messy anyway hopefully right?
Don't forget the jewelery and light make-up.
Photo by Naaito8
Seductively Waiting
  • Prepare a meal: Have dinner in the oven or a stew simmering so that he smells food when he comes in which will make his appetite for food and you increase. (Hopefully you are lucky enough to have a man who appreciates your culinary skills. If you don’t have any, buy a cooked rotisserie chicken from your local grocer and put it in your own baking pan in the oven. If there isn’t any liquid to add to the pan from the package, add a little water or use some chicken broth. Put it in the oven to keep it warm and to create a home-cooked aroma in the air. It’s best to create your own side dishes no matter what since it is so easy to do so nowadays with boxed pastas and frozen goods. Some dinner rolls and a nice wine if you drink will top it off perfectly. Candles are not to be lit by you at the dinner table.  However, you can strategically place them and leave matches near them so that he can take the initiative to be the pursuer. In actuality, you have seduced him and led him into a zone of desire and ever-increasing longing.

  • Education: Learn the art of eroticism and seduction. There are many books for purchase to aid you in trying out new things. For seduction techniques, books like The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene breaks seduction down and show you ways to employ the art. Sexual positions can be spiced up with books like one of the Kama Sutratexts or any other books illustrating sexual positions. Visit [Animated Kama Sutra positions]. for new positions to try.

    Photo by AmbeRed Photo

  • Sexual Repertoire: Purchase erotic stories, poems, sex manuals, toys, lingerie, jewelry, wigs and/or a new hair color to change-up your appearance to keep things spicy.

  • Safe Sex: Last, but certainly not least, please practice monogamy and safe sex which also includes checking your sexual partner visually on their genitals and body for STD’s like herpes, genital warts, etc. Condoms aren’t 100% reliable so always have extra just in case. It sucks to be in the middle of great sex just for the condom to break having to stop or take the risk of continuing unprotected. Live and love longer.


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